Juliette & Christopher
Château Val Joanis


“This is fantastic! We love it.”


Magic Chair

What a weekend! Juliette & Christopher's 2 day wedding started with a quick civil ceremony in the town of Lourmarin, officiated by the mayor. With the annual Festival Yeah! also taking place at the same time, the atmosphere in the town was especially celebratory. An informal, outdoor ceremony followed in the gardens of Château Val Joanis. Denia Ridley soundtracked the garden drinks reception with some smooth jazz. The evening concluded indoors with standing ovations, face painting, a laser light show and some impropmptu crowd surfing (no one was hurt!). A pool party was held the following day at Juliette’s grandmother’s house where guests lounged and relaxed in the sun.

Ceremony venue Lourmarin Town Hall • Reception venue Château Val Joanis • Dress Jeanne Source • Band Denia Ridley • DJ Laurent Audinos (from Folie Douce)
Bridal party get ready beside pool in France
Bride gets her hair platted on wedding morning
Three bridesmaids apply their own makeup outside in the sun
Groom chooses from a selection of ties
Groom greets friends on wedding morning
Child and grandmother enjoy sitting outside house in the sun
Bridal party get ready outside under trees
Bride in floral top does friend's hair on wedding morning
Bride in floral top receives a DIY floral head piece from a friend
Woman in blue dress has flowers put in her hair
Man in bow tie points his finger at a wedding guest
Bridesmaid with flowers in her hair, raises her finger
Wedding guests hug and greet each other in Lourmarin
French bride and groom laugh during wedding ceremony
Emotional mother of the groom sheds a tear during wedding ceremony
Groom and bride look at each other during civil service in France
Emotional bridal party watch civil wedding proceedings
Groom in blue suit and bride in floral dress laughing
Confetti rains down on kissing French couple
Groom in bow tie and braces playfully shushes wedding guest
Rosé wine being poured into a glass at a cafe in Lourmarin
A couple kiss in Lourmarin, France during Festival Yeah!
Tourist waves at another tourist in Lourmarin
Adult guests and a child dance outside town hall in Lourmarin
A bridal party exit an orange VW camper van
A groom wearing glasses exits van with two bridesmaids
A bridesmaid with floral head piece looks pensively in a field in France
A bridal party explore a poppy field in France
Painter in overalls looks outside his house
A couple converse near a swing in France
Bride shows off infinity tattoo to bridal party
Wedding guests await couple at Chateau Val Joanis
Suave groom in blue suit arrives at Chateau Val Joanis, France
Wedding couple listen and laugh to speeches during outdoor ceremony at Chateau Val Joanis
Bridal party laugh during outdoor speeches
Bride smiles during vows at Chateau Val Joanis
Newly wedded couple kiss at Chateau Val Joanis
Wedded couple raise their hands in celebration during outdoor wedding ceremony
Married couple walk down the aisle at Chateau Val Joanis
Stylish French man at Cheatu Val Joanis
A group of wedding guests talk around a table outside
A wedding guest's face, through a glass
A saxophone player performs outdoors with band at Chateau Val Joanis
A wedding guest explores the gardens at Chateau Val Joanis
A child blows a whistle during a wedding party in France
Three guests witness incoming storm at wedding
Wedding party watch pre-recorded speech at a wedding
Bridal party share the microphone during indoor speeches at Chateau Val Joanis
A groomsman speaks during reception in front of projected Windows desktop
Wedding guests listen to speeches
Late-night outdoor scene at Chateau Val Joanis with guests and a dog
Saxophone player in front of red light
Wedding guests wearing party makeup
Woman crowdsurfing at a wedding in France
A wedding guest crowdsurfing on the dancefloor at Chateau Val Joanis
A man crowdsurfs at a wedding in France
Man plays limbo at wedding
Worker pours champagne to guests at wedding
Three bridesmaids dance on dancefloor at Chateau Val Joanis
A couple kiss in front of a yellow wall
Guests relax at pool party in France
Wedding guests greet each other at a pool party in France
DIY House Wedding Party
A person wearing sunglasses and lying on the grass
Thirsty dog drinks water from bottle
DIY Wedding House Party
Guests play cups at wedding
Guests sleep and relax at a French pool party
Guests hug and say goodbye at a wedding pool party
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