Claire & Alastair
House Party, Landes, France

Claire & Alastair
House Party, Landes


We had a lot of fun documenting this day! House party weddings, with their free flowing nature, offer so many spontaneous moments for curious photographers to capture. It also made a refreshing change for us to spend most of the day outside in the sun!

Claire selected her grandmother's old house for her outdoor reception party. In the morning, her friends helped her prepare the garden for the guests. Claire joined Alastair around midday for a short civil ceremony officiated by the mayor in the town of Cauneille. After one last dress change back at the house (this dress was designed by her friend Juliette) , Claire met Alastair again for a Catholic service at the neighbouring church.

In the evening, guests dined outside in the garden and listened to the speeches. Some spontaneous ceili dancing erupted before it was deemed too dark to dance outside. The party continued inside the neighbouring outbuilding, with a DJ set by Guy MacNamara.
Dress Juliette Massott • Catering Entre Délices et MalicesDJ Guy Mac Namara
Friends prepare garden for wedding reception
Bride organizing garden reception with bridesmaids
Bridesmaids decorating garden for wedding reception
Bride plays with bubbles on wedding morning
Friends prepare French lunch on wedding morning
Bride and friend consult table plan on laptop
French child eating on bed on wedding morning
Bridesmiads erect wedding table plan on garden wall
Bridesmaid pours her friend a glass of champagne
Bride's sister carries champagne up a flight of stairs
Bridesmaids create floral displays for wedding on balcony
Bridesmaid arranges a floral display with roses on balcony in France
Children read and play games on wedding morning
Bridesmaids do each other's makeup
Bridesmaid puts on a red dress
Bridesmaid does her makeup in blue room
Father plays a game with children on wedding morning
French bride tries on floral head piece with roses
Bride enjoys a quiet moment with her sister before wedding ceremony in France
French children eating bananas and playing games on wedding morning
Mother carries child into bedroom on wedding morning
Bridesmaids in colourful dresses getting ready in a house in France
French bridesmaid in green dress enjoys champagne on balcony
Three French children in white t-shirts play outside with orange balloon
Father watches children play in a garden before a wedding
Funny French children playing outside before wedding
Niece greets groom with a kiss before civil wedding ceremony
Children emerge from a magical, small door in France
French mayor laughs with wedding guests during civil ceremony
Bride and groom share a kiss as their civil ceremony concludes in French town hall
Funny child drinks milk bottle under table during wedding ceremony
Bride and groom smile during wedding ceremony, surrounded by all their friends and family
Niece looks affectionately at bride during wedding
Bridesmaids standing against a wall during a civil service
Bride and groom are congratulated by guests after exiting town hall
Bridesmaid points finger at bride
Bride in floral piece welcomes bridal party
Bride in floral head piece shares champagne with her bridal party
Bride wearing floral head piece with roses
Groosmen share gum before Catholic ceremony
Groom in blue suit speaks to aunt before wedding ceremony
Bride walks down wooden stairs in white dress and floral head piece
Bridal party walk through graveyard to French chapel
Mother tells child to be quiet during wedding
Bride and groom smile during French wedding ceremony
A bride and groom sing during a wedding mass
Mother and child play with paper during weding ceremony
Bride and groom smile at guests during French Catholic mass
Wedding guest with purple fan
A child takes a photograph during a wedding ceremony
A bride and groom laugh during their vows in France
Wedding confetti explodes around a couple as they exit a chapel
Man plays with bubbles during wedding
Guests enjoy confetti at wedding
Bride and groom walk through confetti after Catholic wedding
Bride and groom kiss outside French chapel
Children play in garden during wedding reception
Silhouette of wedding guest drinking from beer tap
Family enjoy picnic during wedding
Guests mingle outside in garden during wedding ceremony
Bridesmaids in colourful dresses peform speeches during garden reception
Bridesmaids sing during outdoor wedding speeches
Bride and groom enjoy outdoor speeches in the sun
Bridal party in colourful dresses
Bridal party hug each other during outdoor speeches
Wedding guest in red dress kisses another wedding guest in white shirt
Bride gives outdoor speech during garden reception
Wedding guest playfully admonishes bride during bride's speech
Sunlight illuminates wedding guests during outdoor speeches
Well dresses wedding guests mingle in garden
Child eating chicken drumstick during garden wedding reception in France
Wedding guests enjoy picnic in France
Two men laughing during garden wedding reception
Wedding guests mingle in garden
Wedding couple talk to guests in garden
Child blowing bubbles in yellow shorts
Wedding guest in waistcoat sitting on a wall in a garden
Wedding guests chat after outdoor dinner
Bride dances in garden
Two suave wedding speakers
Bride and groom laugh during outdoor speeches at garden wedding reception
Wedding guests enjoying outdoor wedding speeches
Child interrupts outdoor weding speech
Bride holds groom's head during funny outdoor speeches
Woman laughs during wedding speeches in France
Funny groosman drinks straight from the bottle during weding reception
Wedding guest smiles during outdoor wedding speeches
Wedding guests laughing during outdoor wedding speeches
Wedding guests raise their glasses during outdoor wedding speeches
Guest prepares pink, floral wedding cake
Bride and groom kiss during wedding reception in France
Child playing outside in candlelight
Bride and groom cut cake and drink champagne
Smiling parents with young child
Bride carries bridesmaid during garden dance
Woman dancing in garden during wedding
Men wrestle during wedding
Couple kiss during outdoor wedding dance
Exhausted dancer lies on grass during wedding
Bride hugs a guest during candlelit wedding reception
Dancing wedding guest in suit
Pointing finger on dancefloor
Wedding guests mingle in barn
Dancer pours champagne on bride
Bride and groom dance and kiss on shoulders of guests
Bride dances with bottle of champagne
Dancers play with inflatable instruments during wedding
Guests relax outside barn at wedding
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