Katie-Rose & Terry
Garden Marquee, Tyrone

N. Ireland

“We absolutely LOVE everything!”


Magic Chair
We shot a lot of marquee weddings in 2019. They seem to be an increasingly popular alternative to the more formal hotel or estate setting. We love the creative freedom they afford us. Everything's just that bit more relaxed and spontaneous! After a Catholic ceremony at Donaghmore, Katie-Rose and Terry invited everyone back to the bride's family home. Guests enjoyed some live traditional music and canapés in the garden before entering the marquee for speeches and dancing. There were lots of lively and entertaining children at this wedding. They nearly deserve an album of their own! A memorable highlight was Katie Rose joining her younger relatives on stage with the band to finish off the night.
A father and son prepare a garden for a wedding reception
Makeup artists working in Dungannon
A man exits a blue tent in a garden
Wedding hairdresser styles bride's hair
A bridesmaid looks at the bride on a wedding morning
A hairdresser works with a bride on a wedding morning
Wedding guests congregate outside a chapel in Dungannon
A groom arrives at a Dungannon chapel before a wedding
A bride in a white wedding dress, looking into the mirror
A groom receives a flower before a wedding ceremony in Dungannon
Children play outside a Catholic Chapel in Northern Ireland
Two bridesmaids look at a bride
A driver holds an umbrella for a bridesmaid outside a church
A bride arrives in a car at Dungannon Catholic Church
A groom fixes his tie inside a Dungannon Chapel
A driver holds an umbrella for a smiling bride in Dungannon
The father of the bride smiles outside a Dungannon Church
A father rocks a baby in a pram
A groom waits for the bride to walk up the aisle
A father walks his daughter up the aisle
Wedding guests smiling at a Catholic wedding mass
A bride laughs during the wedding vows in Dungannon Chapel
A father helps fix a child's floral head piece
Bride and groom sign marriage certificate in the company of a priest
Wedding guests greet each other outside a chapel
Friends and relatives talking outside a church
Five flower girls wearing floral head pieces
Child eats crisps in front of bride outside church
Flower girls eat crisps at a wedding
Flower girls eating crisps in front of a bride in Dungannon
Adults and children congregate outside a chapel
Children eating crisps in front of a bride outside a church
Wedding guests holding flowers outside a chapel
A bride shakes the hands of a wedding guest at a wedding
A baby interrupts a photograph in Dungannon
A child explores the grounds of a garden wedding reception
Wedding guests talk and drink champagne
Wedding guests interact at a garden reception in Northern Ireland
Bride and groom stand in front of a rainbow in Northern Ireland
Enigmatic children dance in a garden
Three children dance at a wedding garden reception
Children and adults eating ice cream at a wedding in Northern Ireland
Two men talk at a wedding
A mother points at a flower girl at a wedding
Adults observe a child eating ice cream
Wedding guests from different generations
Children play at a wedding garden reception
Guests at a garden wedding reception
A married couple wave as they enter a marquee wedding reception
Guests celebrate the arrival of the newly wedded couple in a marquee
A family laugh at a table during wedding speeches in a marquee
A child screams in pain in a marquee
A married couple smile as they listen to the speeches
Wedding guests laugh and enjoy drinks in a marquee
A couple kiss as another couple look at each other
Wedding guests mingle in a marquee in the evening
A bride and groom cut their wedding cake in front of a child
A smiling child is patted on the head by a groom in marquee in front of a wedding cake
Two women hug and laugh at a wedding
A bride and groom begin their first dance in a marquee
A child steals two roses at a wedding
Bride and groom dancing in a marquee
Guests watching the first dance in a marquee
Couples dancing in a marquee at a wedding
A grandmother plays with her grandchildren at a wedding
Dancing at a wedding party
A bride dances with funny children at a wedding
A child plays with candlelight at a marquee wedding
A bride plays limbo at a wedding
Three women singing at a wedding
Bride sings at her wedding
A bride sings with the wedding band in a marquee
An expressive singer at a wedding, bathed in blue light
Bride goes on stage at her wedding
A child plays the drums at a wedding
A child hugs his mother at wedding
Bride and groom hug on the dancefloor
Wedding guests embrace the bride and groom at a wedding
Guests on the dancefloor
Singer at a wedding

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