A friend helps the bride with her wedding flowers
Mel & Mick
House Party, Long Island, USA

Mel & Mick
House Party, Long Island


Mel & Mick got married in the Hampton Bays, New York with an intimate Tiana Beach ceremony officiated by their friend. They exchanged peronal vows, invited their parents to renew their nuptials (the parents obliged!) and everyone poured some coloured sand into a bottle. The party continued at a friend's house with piña coladas, pizza and late-night fireside sing-songs.

Michael is currently raising money for his vital cancer treatment. You can dontate here.
Ceremony venue Tiana Beach • Dress David's bridal • Ice Cream Gemilli Gelato • Cake Aoife's Bia Blasta • Caterers Moriches • Band Stillwater Sound
Bride enters a house in Long Island
A picture of the bride and groom on a table
A friend helps the bride with decorations
A picture of a married couple at a house party wedding
A couple blow up Mr and Mrs balloons for a wedding
A bride's family arrange floral displays
Groom and brother plan for house party wedding
Groom and family visit sick child in bed
Bride and groom rehearse wedding vows outside
Bride and groom rehearse wedding vows outside
Bride and groom rehearse wedding ceremony in garden
Freidns and family go out for a meal in Long Island
A woman hugs a child outside a restaurant
A man exits a house with a boat in Long Island
Swimmers in a pool in Long Island
A swimmer opens his mouth like a shark in a swimming pool
A father and son relax in a swimming pool in Long Island
A mother helps the groom put on braces
A groomsman fixes his floral buttonhole
A friend helps the bride with her wedding flowers
Father of the bride hangs up wedding dresses
A couple peak through a window in Long Island
Father of the groom carries a tray of glasses
Father of the groom helps groom with dickie bow
Brother styles groom's hair
Groom helps brother with braces
Father of the groom pops champagne outside a house
Fathe rof the groom pours drinks for wedding guests
A bride checks her wedding dress in the mirror
A bride and two bridesmaids get ready in a bedroom
Mothe rof the bride looks affectionately at the bride
A bride walks down the stairs
Bridesmiads cry after seeing the bride
Guests leave a house to go to a wedding
A child receives help with their buttonhole before a wedding
A groom and family prepare to leave for a wedding
Wedding guests jump in the air at a beach ceremony
Bride and groom arrive at Tiana Beach for a wedding ceremony with flowers
Bride and groom exchange vows at Tiana Beach
A bride hugs a reader at a Tiana Beach wedding
A reader laughs during a beach ceremony
Family of the groom smile during an outdoor beach ceremony with pink flowers
Bride pours pink sand into a bottle at Tiana Beach
Coloured sand is poured into a bottle at a wedding ceremony
Bride and groom smile during a beach ceremony
Bride laughs and clasps hands during a beach ceremony
Groom reads vows to bride at beach wedding
A groom hugs face of child at beach wedding
A child smells flowers on a beach
A wedding guest carries chairs on a beach
Bride and groom talk to a friend at the beach
Guests hug and greet each other after a beach wedding ceremony
Bride and groom greet guests after their beach ceremony
Wedding guests leave a beach ceremony
Men shake sand out of their shoes after a wedding ceremony on Tiana Beach
Two wedding guests relax on beach boardwalk
Child carries bride's veil on beach boardwalk
Bride and groom talk to friends at picnic bench on beach boardwalk
Wedding guets arrive at house party wedding from a bus
A bride poses for a photograph with a friend at a house party
A woman lfits a bottle of Prosecco
Two brothers play outside a house
A man pours orange juice and Prosecco for wedding guests
A child throws a yellow ball in the air at a wedding reception
A bride and child try to capture a ball at a wedding reception
A child throws a ball on top of a man at an outdoor wedding reception
Guests laugh outside at a wedding reception in front of a silver balloon
A groosman plays with children at a wedding
Two men hug near a wedding marquee
A bride raises her hand in celebration during outdoor wedding speeches
Father of the groom reads his speech
A mother and child sit on a hammock and listen to wedding speeches
Bride and groom laugh during outdoor wedding speeches
A child stands up and wave their hands during wedding speeches
Wedding guests relax in a garden at night, under fairy lights
A groom dances with the bride under fairy lights at a garden wedding reception
A bride and groom hug during their first dance in a garden
Two lovers dancing outside a house under fairy lights
Two lovers laughing at a garden wedding reception
An eccentric dancer in a blue jumpsuit at a garden wedding reception
Guests enjoy music at night at a wedding reception
Wedding guests sit around a fire
Generations of family sit around a fire
Wedding guests cheer and applaud music while sitting around a fire

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